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Our Journey with Flexibility: Accelerating
Digital Transformation

flexibility team

A Fintech's DevOps Story


Flexibility's Digital Transformation with AWS and Advanced Technologies In the rapidly evolving fintech landscape, we joined forces with Flexibility, a frontrunner in digital product technology across LATAM. Their ambition is to facilitate a swift transition for businesses into digital banking and embedded finance. Recognizing the need for advanced technological integration, they sought our expertise in DevOps, AWS cloud solutions, Kubernetes, EKS, and serverless architectures.

As an AWS Select Tier Services Partner, we are adept in deploying AWS cloud architecture, infrastructure as code using Terraform, and continuous integration and delivery. Our approach integrates GitOps methodologies and tools like ArgoCD, ensuring streamlined deployment workflows. By adhering to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, and emphasizing security, we provided Flexibility with a secure, compliant, cost-optimized, and reliable infrastructure

The outcome? A state-of-the-art digital platform powered by advanced technologies, enabling Flexibility to lead businesses in LATAM towards a digital banking future. This case study underscores our proficiency in leveraging AWS and cutting-edge solutions, and Flexibility's dedication to delivering top-notch digital financial services.

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