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Want to get to the moon?
Ensure your company
is well-architected
for the challenges ahead

Review your cloud’s system architecture to improve your infrastructure, eliminate risks and uncover hidden potential with new innovations and best AWS practices.


Well-Architected Assessment Process

well-architected process





Infra and architecture deep-dive review with Customer stakeholders for comprehensive data collection of the workload and to understand the business/IT context of the identified workload.

Analysis and assessment of the collected data, cross-analysis of the workload via the AWS Well Architected Tool guidance offered by the Framework, and formulation of any recommended remediation, if applicable to be considered in the report.

A review and analysis report aligning the workload with AWS best practices, categorised as:

  • Critical

  • Needs Improvement

  • Well Architected (Meets Best Practice).

The AWS Well-Architected Tool report highlights the priority with which remediation & improvements should be carried out based on specific AWS official recommendations.

you get from a

The AWS Well-Architected review isn’t a simple audit — it’s a detailed list of recommendations and actionable improvements.


This consists of these key features:


Deep Security Analysis - going beyond the standard auditing level to ensure your Cloud architecture and solutions are truly safe - including all the data stored within.


Ops Excellence & Infrastructure as a Code review - analyzing your IaC code coverage to improve results and secure your repeatable and modular architecture execution.

Performance Efficiency - We focus on using IT and computing resources efficiently.

Reliability - We ensure your system can recover from disruptions and meet demand.

Cost Optimization - We help you avoid unnecessary costs and optimize your spending.

Well-Architected Review

If time and money are running tight,
we can also conduct an express workshop.


Is your environment

Our 2 free hour consultation, will help you to:

- Identify the most important issues for your business

- Understand how to improve your AWS Cloud infrastructure

- Learn how you can upgrade your architecture and align the Cloud with your business goals

Well-Architected Workshop
WAR Workshop

Are you well architected?

Get in contact to schedule your 1st:

  • Tech Intro meeting ,   

  • Well-Architected Review or

  • binbash Leverage live demo

In order to complete the project evaluation so we can:

  • Get to know your project.

  • Understand which are your exact challenges.

  • Do an AWS Reference Architecture feasibility assessment.

  • Carry out a 2 hr free Well-Architected Review consultation.

  • Find out if we're a good fit for your project.

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