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Cloud Service Catalog

Experience the power of AWS Well-Architected Framework-driven solutions with our comprehensive cloud service catalog. Optimize your architecture for reliability, security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with our expert guidance.


Your HIPAA or SOCII Compliant
SaaS Platform on AWS

K8S EKS Reference Architecture

Cost Monitoring & Optimization

Landing Zone

Well-Architected Review

Security Baseline

AWS well-architected review

AWS Review

Well-Architected Framework Review

Ensure your company is

Well-Architected for the challenges ahead. Review your cloud’s system architecture to improve your infrastructure, eliminate risks and uncover hidden potential with new innovations and best AWS practices.

aws well-architected workshop

AWS Express Review

Well-Architected Framework Workshop

Well-Architected consulting hours workshop to:
- Identify the most important issues for your business
- Understand how to improve your AWS Cloud infrastructure
- Learn how you can upgrade your architecture and align the Cloud with your business goals

With Trend Micro Comformity

aws cloud migration service

AWS Migration

Cloud Migration

The AWS Migration Framework stands as your guiding light throughout your migration journey. It equips you with the tools and insights needed to execute a successful and well-orchestrated migration to the AWS cloud.

aws landing zone

leverage Well-Architected

Landing Zone

binbash understands the need for a solid foundation. The AWS Landing Zone provides essential infrastructure, security, and shared resources according to AWS best practices, allowing flexibility for future growth.



Cost Monitoring & Optimization

Our Cost Management Suite is meticulously designed to empower your business with comprehensive insights and advanced strategies to identify cost-saving opportunities, optimize resource allocation, and ensure that your cloud investments deliver maximum value. 

aws s3 security baseline


Security Baseline

Sets essential controls for secure AWS projects, integrating compliance, secure defaults, audit tools, and monitoring across accounts. While aligning with best practices, it offers flexibility for specific regulation conformance post-implementation.

hipaa compliant


HIPAA Framework Assessment & Implementation

Our HIPAA compliant framework ensures secure handling of sensitive healthcare data, meeting regulatory requirements while maintaining data privacy and integrity.

k8s eks platform


K8s EKS Platform

Our K8s EKS platform cluster empowers seamless container orchestration, scalability, and high availability for your applications. Experience simplified management and enhanced performance.



SOCII Framework
Assessment & Implementation

Data security and confidentiality are paramount for fintechs. Meet our comprehensive solution specifically designed for fintechs looking to ensure the protection and compliance of their data.


Cost Optimization

K8s EKS Cost Optimization

Reduce cloud costs by over 50% with CAST AI, the top Kubernetes automation platform, with advanced ML algorithms to optimize clusters, enhancing performance and DevOps productivity.



GenAI Enablement Program

This program provides founders and tech leaders expert guidance on deploying LLMs using AWS. It includes model selection, tuning, and hosting options like Amazon SageMaker and Bedrock.


GenAI Agent

RAG with Bedrock and PGVector on RDS

This framework offers guidance on deploying RAG using AWS, covering foundation models with Amazon Bedrock, vector databases via PGVector and Amazon RDS, and user interface management with Streamlit and Amazon Cognito.


GenAI Agent

AWS Bedrock | Llama2 with Serverless RAG on AWS Opensearch Serverless vectordb


GenAI Agent

Bedrock, DynamoDB, Kendra, Lex, and LangChain Solution

This solution outlines building a Serverless RAG with AWS Opensearch Serverless Vector DB, Amazon Bedrock, and Llama2 LLM. It integrates AWS IAM, Lambda, API Gateway, and Amazon Sagemaker. The solution supports GPU instances and is available in multiple regions.

This solution integrates Amazon Lex for NLU and NLP in a LangChain conversational agent on AWS Amplify, using Claude 2.1 FM via Amazon Bedrock. It utilizes DynamoDB for personalized customer data like mortgage details, and Amazon Kendra for informed, opinionated responses leveraging data from S3 and web crawlers.

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