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We built this place, and we did it thinking about what the ideal workplace would be like.

Join us in continuing to make this place a better place.


We promote a
life-work balance

Job burnout is an epidemic 🙆, and we tech workers are especially at risk. So we'll do our best to de-stress our workforce at binbash.

Fully Remote

Office is where heart is.

binbash was founded as a remote-first company. That means you can always work from home, a co-working place, a nice cafe, or wherever else you feel comfortable, and you'll have almost complete control over your working hours. Why "almost"? Because depending on the current projects we'll require few hours of overlap between all Leverage collaborators for some specific meetings or shared sessions (pair-programming).


Time Off

Work is not about time. Life is.

Normal working hours (prime-time 9am-5pm GTM-3), in average no more than ~30-40hs per week, and we don't work during weekends or your country of residence national holidays.

A flexible vacation policy where you could and you must take 4 weeks per year away from the keyboard. 


Burnout policy

We want a peaceful
anti-burnout place.

  • No on-call rotation. We only offer support contracts with SLAs of responses on prime time business days hours exclusively.

  • Project management and planning that will take into consideration the time zone of all our team members.

  • You will take on big challenges, but the hours are reasonable.

  • Everyone is treated fairly and with respect, but where disagreement and feedback is always welcome.

  • That is welcoming, safe, and inclusive for people of all cultures, genders, and races.

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