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Take your startup portfolio to the next level.

binbash for startups is a development plan designed for accelerators, investors, and venture capitalists aiming to ensure startups' secure growth and scalability.

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Let's build the next unicorn together.

If your company is part of the Binbash for Startups program, you can access the following benefits:
- Leverage

- 2 hours of free consultancy

- Events and workshop sessions

- Support within our AWS user community on Slack

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An easy-to-implement, reusable, and automated solution for defining, provisioning, and managing your AWS infrastructure environment securely and at scale.

With Leverage, you'll receive:

  • Reference architecture

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) code library

  • Command Line Interface (CLI)

Up to 10 times faster and at half the cost compared to in-house development or external consultant services.


Free advisory hours

2 hours of consulting to conduct a cloud audit, following the guidelines of the AWS Well-Architected program. Focused on the pillars of Efficiency, Operational Excellence, Security and Compliance, Cost Optimization, Reliability, and Sustainability.

Discover today whether your architecture is secure, scalable, and cost-optimized with our recommendations and immediate actionable insights.


Exclusive Workshops and Events

Access our exclusive workshops and webinars for the binbash for startups community.

Our goal is to share our expertise on best practices and the latest developments in AWS, ensuring they become valuable assets within your company.

Do you know all the benefits and credits you can access on AWS?



Support in our Slack community

We're on Slack, alongside AWS users, business leaders like yourself, cloud solution architects, and DevOps developers to assist you with anything related to your company's cloud infrastructure.

¡Thank you!

A plan waiting for your startup.

Is your company not yet part of binbash for startups? Consult with us to explore how we can enroll you in our benefits plan.

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