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Take a quick look at what our clients had to say about our cloud services_

Testimonials of our cloud service 

From healthcare unicorn companies to startups to accelerate the launch of fintech products, from robotics companies to the marketing industry. We embrace empathy and integrated teamwork with our clients to solve key problems and improve their customer experience.

Ancla 1

I highly recommend binbash. They played a crucial role in redesigning our infrastructure to meet the demands of the healthcare industry. Above and beyond the expertise and quality work you would expect from a group like binbash, I've truly appreciated their focus on educating our internal staff so that Vistapath can take over the work they have produced on our behalf.
Also, their flexibility throughout our engagement to help fill any gaps we need them to fill.
A truly top-notch team!


Jacob Guggenheim

VP of Engineering


US Health Tech

"We utilized binbash to help get our DevOps infrastructure launched and manage all aspects of our AWS-based setup. Their security and compliance focus turned out to be a great fit for our HIPAA regulation needs. We’ve been very pleased with their responsiveness and thoroughness with regards to our technology needs and would be happy to work with them again in the future."


Yury Yakubchyk



US Health Tech


"We were fortunate to work with binbash to re-architect and migrate our AWS infrastructure and Kubernetes clusters.

We've leaned on them for guidance of well-architected framework best practices and deep knowledge of DevOps tooling. They've done great work around knowledge transfer while also being exceedingly friendly partners! At Arta, we've been impressed with the binbash commitment to clarity, excellence, integrity and recommend them more enthusiastically."


Dylan Fareed


US High Tech Logistic


"binbash redesigned and helped us to develop our entire AWS Cloud Solutions Architecture under a IaC (InfraAsCode) best practice approach, and always taking care of the environment security. Including our new AWS Organizations Multi-Account and Kubernetes deployment infrastructure.
binbash managed the entire engagement effectively and within budget. The team members are knowledgeable, proactive, work collaboratively, offer solid and creative solutions, communicate well, and deliver timely and high quality work products, such as leverage. We highly recommend binbash for your AWS cloud infrastructure implementation."


Horacio G. De Oro

Head of DevOps

US Risk Management Industry


"binbash has a focused and highly productive professional team. They have exceptional tech skills and effectively transmit and implement their solutions, like leverage. Thanks to their collaboration, we have managed to host our outstanding product on AWS, despite important ongoing challenges. Undoubtedly, binbash is a company I would gladly work with again for any future challenges"


Martín Vago


Latam Fintech


"Working with binbash was a game changer for our company. Their Cloud Architecture consulting services helped us identify several areas for optimization in our application architecture just in time for our production go-live. With their expert focus on response time, security, costs, monitoring, DB data sets, backups, and restore, we were able to make significant improvements that greatly enhanced our operations. binbash's team went above and beyond to exceed our expectations, providing invaluable support and guidance when we needed it most. We highly recommend their services to any company looking to take their cloud infrastructure to the next level."


Ale Parise



Latam EdTech


"binbash helped us build a resilient, future-proof AWS infrastructure in record time. They will not only do things for you, they will transfer all the knowledge and make you part of the decision.

They are always thinking about re-usability, security and scale. The binbash team is not only technically proficient but they are really nice human beings."


Felipe Lerena


Latam FinTech

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