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Landing Zone

leverage Well-Architected

We understand the importance of a solid foundation for managing your environment.

The leverage AWS Landing Zone is the smallest possible fully functional configuration that provides the base infrastructure necessary for effective management.


It includes billing and financial management, user management, security enforcement, and shared services and resources, all in accordance with the best practices laid out by the AWS Well-Architected Framework.


Starting with the leverage AWS Landing Zone, give you a robust and secure foundation to build upon and add features and capabilities as your needs evolve. Our team has created this reference architecture in Terraform IaC to ensure quality and to provide you with the necessary tools to satisfy your specific requirements.

terraform catalog description

Terraform State Backend

aws catalog description

AWS Organizations

aws catalog description

AWS Identity Center

(IdC / SSO)

aws catalog description

AWS Cost Monitoring

(Budgets & Billing Alerts)

aws catalog description

Security Base

aws catalog description

Security Keys (AWS KMS)

aws catalog description

Notifications (Slack)

aws catalog description

AWS Secrets Manager

aws catalog description

Base Network (AWS VPC)

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