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Security Baseline

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AWS Security Baseline is a set of controls that create a minimum foundation for projects to build securely on AWS without decreasing their agility. It integrates with existing accounts that host and maintain your project’s runtime platform workloads and services. These controls form the basis of your security posture and are focused on:

  1. Security & Compliance: Establish a security baseline for each account.

    1. Secure Defaults: All accounts are configured with safe baselines, including mandatory MFA, encrypted EBS by default, and secure S3 bucket policies.

    2. AWS Security Audit:

      1. Enable Cloudwatch alerts for all AWS Cloudtrail monitored services, centralizing audit operations.

      2. IAM Access Analyzer: Identifies shared resources and potential security risks.

      3. VPC Flow Logs: Enabled for all accounts with a VPC.

    3. AWS Security Compliance: Use AWS Config for inventory, configuration history, and compliance-as-code framework. Additionally, AWS Inspector provides automated security assessments.

    4. AWS Security Monitoring: Amazon GuardDuty offers threat detection across all AWS accounts, while AWS Security Hub provides a comprehensive view of high-priority security alerts.

    5. Encryption Keys: AWS KMS CMKs are created for services requiring encryption, ensuring lifecycle management and permission control.


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Security Base

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Security Audit


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AWS Security Compliance

(AWS Config)

aws catalog description

AWS Security Compliance

(AWS Inspector)

aws catalog description

AWS Security Monitoring

(Amazon GuardDuty)

aws catalog description

Access Analyzer

aws catalog description

Security Encryption Keys


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(AWS SNS to Slack)

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Security Optimization

(AWS Trusted Advisor)

Build a resilient security posture for your AWS projects.

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