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Exclusive GenAI Program: Your AI Revolution Starts Here

Don’t miss out on this invitation to transform your vision into reality with the combined power of binbash and AWS.

How it works

Transform your idea into a comprehensive LLM deployment plan, backed by AWS funding. This exclusive invitation offers selected participants the opportunity to join binbash's GenAI program, supported by AWS.


Phase I: Intro Sessions

An initial discussion this July at the AWS offices in Colombia to align on objectives and expectations.


Phase II: Assesment

In-depth technical sessions to evaluate use cases, analyze data, and identify effective LLMs. Receive tailored recommendations and implementation guides.


Phase III: Proof of Concept (POC)

Iterative testing of diverse LLMs using selected data to determine the best model for production. Gain clear guidance on LLM selection and an implementation roadmap.



Phase IV: Solution Implementation

Make final adjustments and deploy your model with binbash's support. Leverage AWS funding programs for a seamless transition to production.


Phase V: Go-to-Market

Establish a successful GenAI solution through partnerships. Introduce VCs, attract investment, and leverage AWS resources to build a compelling success case.

Fastest GenAI cloud Infrastructures for whatever you want to build

Unlocking the immense potential of generative AI is essential for both startups and enterprises. To meet this challenge, binbash has developed a unique program offering founders and technical leaders expert guidance on deploying Large Language Models (LLMs) on AWS.

This framework covers critical areas such as model selection and tuning, decisions between training new models or using pre-trained ones, and hosting options including Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Bedrock.

Are you AInterested in revolutionizing your infra?

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